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Similar Patient

Connect With Patients

Get advice from people who know what you're going through

Going for surgery? Another patient could be your best guide

Get recommendations for the best doctors and hospitals anywhere

Compare Treatment Paths

Compare Treatment Paths

Research treatment paths followed by others

Compare treatment effectiveness and side effects

Track diagnostic tests reported for each condition


Track What Matters

Check what worked and what did not for other patients

Stay updated with personalized news and local health events

Read patient stories and share your own

How it works?

Share Data And Story

Profile screen lets you save your condition and treatment details. Your data will be aggregated for the benefit of the community. Share your story to inspire others. Please fill profile acurately for best results.


Connect With Patients

Match tab allows you to search and connect with any patient based on multiple criterias. Share and learn from experiences.

Follow Conditions, Treatments And More

LifeLine tab shows dashboard/summary of all keywords your are following. Aggregated medical data like conditions, treatments, side effects, symptoms and diagnostic tests serves as a powerful tool for the community to learn more about treatment options, treatment effectiveness, side effects, lab tests, causes and more.


Let The Heart Beat Together

Heartbeat tab is your news feed that shows posts from users who are part of your support groups. Help others by sharing your experiences, your story, your answers, your questions and more. Just be there for others!


Track what's important to you. Check out highly rated discussions, stay updated with personalized news as well as local health events and read patient stories that will inspire you.



Research tab lets you compare treatment paths taken by other patients.This will help in reducing time to learn what worked and what was not as successful.

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